More sparring, partner – Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum “Apprentice for a Day” part II

I got out to to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Apprentice for a Day program again this past weekend and had another great day. First of all, the Delaware Ducker has a full combing, the beginnings of a paint-job, and a cleaned up false-stem. She is looking lovely.

Delaware Ducker

For work, I got to finish my sprit. You may recall that last week I took a blank down to something nearly, but not totally, round. First, let’s put this spar in context…

Delaware Ducker rig

Here is the original Delaware Ducker, rigged and ready to sail (if she wasn’t up on a cradle in a workshop). The sprit has a little pin in the top end that fits in an eye at the top of the sail. Snotter detailThe snotter [editor’s comment: can we in the traditional boat community have a referendum on this term? I am all for preserving the old and colorful, but, really, “snotter?!”] is a line with overhand knots that fits through a notch in the bottom end of the sprit. Looks like a nice, simple, but still elegant rig.

Sprit detail

During my day in the shop, I took the sprit down to a nice, polished round, added the notch for the snotter and the pin for the peak of sail, and got a first coat of varnish on. And I still had time to take the boom from 8-sided to near round. All told, a productive day with the spars!Sprit with varnish

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Hi Tim,

I love your blog. Nice thread about the brazilian jangadas. I “borrowed” it, to put it on my own blog.

I write about my tacking outrigger boat-construction project.

I’ve put up a link to the Chine bLog, on my own page. Hope you don’t mind. If you do, leave me a note.


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