Malay Traditional Boat – the Malaysian Chine bLog?

I tell you, say what you want about Google, its alerts tend to bring me exactly the kind of stuff I want. I never expected that there were than many folks like me who were so into traditional boats that they would spend their free time writing about them for all the world to enjoy, or, in this case, ignore. And then, voila!, Into my in box comes Malay Traditional Boat – Wooden Yacht, a site that appears to be cataloging the traditional boat of Malaysia. There is plenty of advertising to wade through, but you can’t fault someone for trying to make a buck off this. Beyond that there are some great resources. The post entitled Perahu Kolek – Terengganu Traditional Boat, for instance shows off the boats below. Striking craft, with these high ends and flourishes. I hope there is more to come. THIS is how you get added to the Chine bLog Honor Roll.

Malaysian boat

Location: Serawak, Malaysia

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