Iraqi wooden boats part II – more canoes of the Ma’dan

As I have said before, we bloggers are easy to please: give us a nice comment and we are set for a couple weeks. I was thus thrilled with the comment Suzie Alwash left on my recent post on the traditional wooden canoes of the Ma’dan (Marsh Arabs) of todays Southern Iraq. Suzie gave us great additional information, including the type of boat: “mashhoof” and construction. Sweet! Suzie should know. She is Senior Project Advisor with a project called Eden Again, dedicated to restoring the marshlands of Mesopotamia. In other words, she knows the area well and is just back from there. The best part – yes, there is more than her informative comment – is her offer of more photos. Needless to say, I gladly accepted and am happy to share them below on her behalf (if you enjoy them, you might thank her by seeing how you can help her organization).

Incidentally, these marshes and their restoration seem to be much in the news. Here is an article today from The Times.

Location: Al Chabaish, Iraq

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I have an old mashhoof canoe bought in the 50s in Iraq. It has been sitting in a warehouse for all these years. Do you know of anyone, interested in getting it? We live in Belgium. It is in good shape but covered with dirt.

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