Greg Rossel recognized for his efforts to teach kids the art of wooden boat building

A quick call out to an article in the Morning Sentinel newspaper (of Maine) about boatbuilder / boatbuilding teacher / author Greg Rossel teaching a group of kids how to build wooden boats. I am always a fan of efforts to bring the next generation into the fold of wooden boat builders and afficianados, so here’s to Greg for doing this.

“Everywhere you look at it there is cool stuff,” said Greg Rossel, the lead instructor for the class. “The kids have got to pay attention to chemistry because they’re mixing the glues. They have to know the qualities of the wood. When you’re doing layout you’re using geometry. It’s team-building. Each part that everyone’s making is important and the boat doesn’t float until all those parts go together. It’s using life skills and having the confidence you can build something. Even if these kids don’t go into boat building, they’ll always have the confidence they can do this.”

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