Using a wooden sloop to go green in Antigua

To the Caribbean we go – specifically to Antigua. I recently came across a blog post by a company called Adventure Antigua which is touting its plans to have a traditional Carriacou sloop built for eco-tourism. Good move – this will be WAAAAYYYYYY cooler than the generic plastic things the company now sports. Carriacou sloops are traditional freight boats for the islands and should work well as passenger craft, a la the Windjammers in Maine and elsewhere. We’ll keep an eye out for pictures. Apparently, the builder has already harvested lumber in Grenada, and, unlike in most cases, is having trees planted in the area to replace them. Well done.

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Not sure if anyone out there is interested but I have just published 2 coffee table books on the CARRIACOU SLOOPS. These are part of an ongoing (so far 10 years) photography project to document the last workboats of Carriacou as well as pay tribute to the Boatbuilders. More here imagesantigua.blogspot and

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