The Wooden Dory – another blog in the family

I ran across a new (to me) blog in our little circle: “The Wooden Dory – Dedicated To The World’s Best Wooden Boat”. It is small and gets infrequent attention, but I hope that will improve. Time was when I would have backed the subtitle wholeheartedly, at least for small boats. My tastes have now changed a bit, though, and I would call various flavors of classic dory great, great boats, but not the best. No matter – the blog’s author, Fraser Wheaton, is on the right track and I hope he expands on his idea so that the dory as a “class” gets more much deserved attention.

Here is a nice sample, taken form the post “Why Build Your Own Dory”:

In short sir, you take the time and effort to build your own dory because its something you can take pride in, in a busy world where folks no longer take the time to stop and create something with their own two hands. It keeps us in touch with our past and lets us enjoy the present a little more.

Could have said it better. In fact, couldn’t have said it anywhere near as well. Row on, dory man!

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