The return of proa racing in the Marshall Islands

We are going around the world tonight here at Chine bLog! Madagascar! Antigua! And now, drum-roll, please, the Marshall Islands! That’s right: three oceans, three island nations, and, best of all, three traditional wooden sailing craft! Wooohoooo!

traditional 18-foot breadfruit tree-log canoes

Our offering from the Marshalls (in the middle of the Pacific) is a recent article in Pacific Magazine about the return of sailing races in traditional 18-foot breadfruit tree-log “korkor” (canoes).

These are, in my humble opinion, some nice-looking proas. It is fantastic to hear news of these boats coming back as a class and of the regatta being a success. I hope these races spread and prosper. Somebody put the next round on YouTube so we can see these in action!

Location: Majuro, Marshall Islands

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