Maine needs boatbuilders

A business contact of mine pointed me to an interesting article in USA Today – no, really, USA Today – on the shortage of boatbuilders in Maine. Apparently there are a number of factors driving the trend, but it threatens one of the hotbeds of boatbuilding – especially the classic kind we like here at Chine bLog. Worth thinking about how those of us with this interest can help (short of quitting and heading there with sanding board and block plane in hand). We’ll certainly keep up the publicity end on ye olde blogosphere.

For four centuries Mainers have turned trees into boats, creating an industry that epitomizes the state’s hard-working, sea-faring sense of itself. But now Maine has a problem with boats: Not enough people want to build them.

By the way, my contact was with The Wilderness Society, in important conservation organization focused on many places, including coastal lands.

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