Friendship Sloop chatter in the blogosphere

Courtesy of Gavin over at intheboatshed and his recent discovery of YouTube [ ;^) ], we now see that Ted at Dovetails has posted a nice video of his Friendship Sloop sailing in a brisk Westerly off mid-coast Maine. The page includes some nice profile drawings and photos as well – its a heck of a nice boat.

Friendship Sloop at anchor

Searching around for this post left me with the startling realization that, with the exception of a stray mention in the prior post where I mentioned Dovetails, I have never said anything about Friendship Sloops on these pages. I guess I have been focus on the boats of foreign lands as opposed to my native waters, but here’s the real irony: Friendship Sloops are one of the most beautiful boats ever. Period. Full stop.

Look at Ted’s fine example above. The clipper bow, elliptical transom, and sweet sheer that ties them together, makes for some tremendous lines, and then you typically plop a high gaff and double headsails on her… the result is outstanding. I had an opportunity to sail in the annual Friendship Sloop regatta many years back and it was an amazing experience. I have always loved them; basically, they had me at “hello.”

Here’s a final Friendship Sloop story: when I was teenager, we chartered a boat in mid-coast Maine and found ourselves not far from Friendship, Maine with a day of crummy weather. At my behest, we made tracks overland to Friendship in an act of pilgrimage. Let me tell you how many sloops we saw there: none. zilch. Z-E-R-O. Our only solace after such disappointment, was a near-miss: and ice cream shop called “The Friendship Scoop.”

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Hi Tim,
Thanks for the nice comments. If you sail into Friendship today, you will find at least one sloop; “Gladiator”, and “Heritage” also calls Friendship home, but I don’t know where her mooring is. Officially “Content” is also a Friendship from Friendship, but she is for sale, and I believe, is wintering over at Atlantic Challenge in Rockland. However, your premise is correct the fleet is spread all over. At the annual Friendship sloop homecoming in Rockland, we can usually muster fifteen or more boats, but is one of the few times one might see a good-sized chunk of the fleet together.
If you’re ever up central Maine way during the sailing season, give me a shout and we can take the Black Star out for a spin.

Dee Dunipace


We came across your blog, and thought I would answer a question for you. We own Heritage in Friendship. Her mooring is off Davis Point, on the right just before the orange spindle going towards Ram Island. She will be in Friendship by July 1st. Can’t wait to be there!!!
Steve and Dee Dunipace

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