Dugout canoe from the Congo River basin

One of my favorite web sites is that for the African Wildlife Foundation (full disclosure: it was designed and build by my company, Forum One Communications). It is packed full of gorgeous images, but I kept running into one that stuck with me, for obvious reasons.

Dugout canoe on the Congo

This, my friends, is a lovely dugout canoe from the Congo River basin in central Africa. The canoe represents AWF’s programs in its Congo Heartland (protecting wildlife means partnering with the communities of the area) and conveys that message well, but I just love how the boat looks. The long overhang and subtle, up-swept sheer – Mmm-mmm-mmm. Once again, people in the region have built these boats for centuries for transport and fishing, but they did not sacrifice grace and beauty in the “design.”

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Location: Bongandonga, Congo

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