An excellent intro to Malagasy boatbuilding

Traditional Malagasy fishing boat

Today I came upon an interesting post and some great pictures courtesy of the blog VazahaGasy and author Ruth Frost. The post outlines the author’s experience watching the building of a traditional Malagasy fishing boat. It is a quick read, clearly an interested, observant, non-boatbuilder’s take on the process. No matter – she gives a sense of construction techniques, materials, and dimensions. Most importantly, then, she takes lots of photos. Bravo!

Building a traditional Malagasy fishing boat

View a full slide show of the building process or a slide show of the launching (which looks like a fascinating communal exercise). I think the end-result is a fairly handsome boat (great paint job), though it looks like what was once a sailing craft is now destined for an outboard. Practical, but I’d like to see how these were rigged.

Location: Antsiranana, Madagascar

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Thanks for picking up my post.

To clarify – the boat is designed for sail and outboard (up to 40hp). I will update post in next couple of days to show with both attached. I am an interested observer because the boat builder is my partner – and I was out on the boat yesterday using just the sail and she handled beautifully.

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