And that’s a wrap! The Peace Canoe is complete!

I have spent much of my free daylight hours over the last couple weeks putting paint on the Peace Canoe. Today, at about 10:30 AM local, I made some final touch-ups and called her done.

Peace Canoe end-on

Obviously there are little things that make me cringe (that only I will likely notice, for the most part), but on the whole, I am pleased with the boat. If I do say so, the colors work well. I agonized a bit on this point, so it is good that the results are so positive.

Peace Canoe looking down

Peace Canoe end-on

Part of the reason the results are so good is that the design is a good one. I had moved the boat into the front yard to paint (we have an oak the rains acorns), and as I began to see the boat from a shallow angle on the port side, I began to fall in love with the sheer.

Peace Canoe side view

Well done, John Harris.

Peace Canoe side view

By the way, I wish I had moved to the front yard months ago. I have gotten tons of complements from folks walking by (we live on a main path to the local coffee shop), as well as several drive-bys (including a “Damn! Good job, sir!” from a dude in a utility van). It has been a thrill. Of course, if I had been working there earlier, there may have been more commentary on the work in progress (“yes, I DO know that that piece is cracked!!!”)…

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Well done tim! what a great project, look forward to reading about the maiden voyage. What river will have the honor?


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