Boat of the Trip Award: GODSPEED from Mason, NH

And now we have the one we’ve all been waiting for (trust me, you were waiting for it): the Boat of the Trip Award, given periodically to that vessel that best encompasses the ideals of Chine bLog. And the winner is: GODSPEED, from Mason, NH! [Mad applause]

GODSPEED side view

I am not very good with eyeballing boat size, but I am guessing she is about 28′ or so with a gaff ketch rig. The lines, to me, suggest a scaled up life boat, with a multi-chine hull. She was designed and built by the owner, whose name I did not catch (but, based on a quick Google, I am guessing he is the proprietor of Godspeed Boat Works of Mason, NH). Here is why this boat wins the award, aside from being a nice-looking, not-what-you-see-everyday wooden boat: he and a family of five or six – plus a dog – have cruised all over the East Coast in this boat. Look at the view facing forward:

GODSPEED stern view

That is a cuddy cabin. Six or seven people sleep aboard this boat and have done so from the Chesapeake down to Florida and across to the Bahamas (across the Gulf Stream!). Now they are in closer waters, but the kids are not getting any smaller – some were clearly teens. I totally admire – envy, really – the trip and the philosophy behind it, and I love who the boat reflects its mission while still retaining charm. Take the binnacle-ish stand amidships:


It clearly serves the purpose of giving the helmsman a place to place a chart or an instrument, but it also serves as a cooking stand, with key items placed around it in a useful way. Someone thought a lot about how to squeeze the most out of this boat and made a lovely craft along the way. [Mad applause again.]

Oh, and her tender is a Swampscott dory that is nice in her own right

GODSPEED and tender leaving Cuttyhunk

3 Comments for “Boat of the Trip Award: GODSPEED from Mason, NH”

Dan Radice


Finally, I found the boat pictured in your banner! What a masterpiece! I am a big fan of Commodore Monroe’s EGRET so I also love the obvious cruising philosophy behind this design.
P.S. Your blog rules…

Lee Siegmann


Wow! I just found the above article! I am the designer and builder of Godspeed. I was amazed at how right on the writer was in his comments/guesses about the boat without even having the chance to speak with me.
I happened to be researching sail plans for the Swamscott Dory when I came upon a picture of our boat!!
Godspeed has not been wet in three years, as those teenagers have continued to get bigger and have many interests, besides boating. As they go off to college, we hope the two of us can get it back in the water and adventure some more.
Concerning the Swamscott Dory, I would appreciate anyone’s input for a light, simple sail plan!!
Thanks, Lee and Michele

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