Walking the walk – a wooden boat (Peace Canoe) for Chine bLog!

So here is the situation: as I have mentioned I have a family with small children. I get to go out in my kayak sometimes, but if we had our own boat, I would get out much more because it can be a family activity. Rentals are possible, but leave things to chance (availability) and limit expeditions to a few places. There wasn’t much interesting on Craig’s List, and I was having a hard time thinking about adding ANOTHER non-wooden boat to the family fleet. Buying a wooden one was too expensive and I don’t have the room to build one I’d really want. T’was a conundrum.

Cover of Getting Started in Boats

What I needed was to find a easily built boat – meaning I could pull it off over short period of time in my back yard – that didn’t seem bland or non-functional. I admit this was a tall order – I am a bit snobby on this front. Well, fate began to intervene recently in the form of the recent two issues of Getting Started in Boats, WoodenBoat’s companion publication. Volume 3 of this new publication came a couple months ago showing the Peace Canoe, a design by John Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft. I admit – again – I dismissed it as another boat that was great for getting people started building, but wasn’t, ahem, a “real” boat (yes, I will get over myself at some point). Volume 4 the arrived recently, just as I was chewing on the dilemma above. I looked again. I studied it a bit more. I started to like its lines. Lo and behold, it fit the bill.

So I am going forward – we at Chine bLog will finally be able to pontificate without ambiguous credentials. Lumber is accumulating and we are rolling!

Here is the design:

Peace Canoe design

I think the story of the boat is also amusing:

Designer John C. Harris created the Peace Canoe specifically for family boatbuilding events and corporate team-building exercises. “On the drawing board we called it the War Canoe,” says Harris recalling the big canoes that he remembered from summer camp. “I definitely wanted to conjure up the whimsy and versatility of those old camp canoes…” WoodenBoat Magazine selected the design for its Family Boatbuilding event at the WoodenBoat Show in Newport, Rhode Island. “It’s the perfect design,” they said, “but could we call it “Peace Canoe” instead of “War Canoe”? And that’s how the name came about.

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