More on the Peace Canoe – scarfing sheer clamps and chine logs

Cutting the scarf for the sheer clampWhile I wait on the plywood I have been preparing the sheer clamps and chine logs, which I took out of 10′ and 12′ 1x. I thus have had to – and the write-up in Getting Started in Boats assumes this – scarf pieces together for these fore-and-aft members. I am not a very steady had with a hand-saw – though I finally bought a Japanese saw and am in heaven with it – so I developed this system where I find the angle, clamp a guide to the main piece, and cut along the guide. That has worked well.

I was worried about keeping the pieces of the joint from slipping around in the process. I decided I would reinforce the joint with nails anyway, so nails in the scarf jointI decided to drive them just enough to provide a little bite to help hold the pieces. Bingo – pretty good joints, all.

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