Here’s a treat: National BoatBuilding Challenge

So you could build a boat at your leisure… or, for speed! Check out the National BoatBuilding Challenge:

The concept is simple: Teams of two build the same skiff design. They are graded on time of build, quality of workmanship, and speed on the water against each other. The current world record for building is 2:11:47… OPEN TO ALL! Housing contractors, plumbing inspectors, paper-pushers, professional wooden boat builders, and general lay-abouts.

There are two locations, Belfast, ME and Georgetown, SC. Apparently carpenters generally kick boat builders a*ses, but maybe the Maine-uhs will show the a thing or two. 2:11:47 is a pretty wild time, though…

It seems there is also The Classic Small Boat Show, which also seems interesting.

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