A room with a view…

Koehler Kraft sign

I recently got back from a trip to San Diego for a wedding [side note: aside form the perfect weather, pleasant scenery, laid back lifestyle, and ubiquitous water sports, what IS the big deal about this town? ;^) ]. We were in a nice hotel on the harbor, but decided not to pay up for a room with a nice view. So we faced the road in. Ahhh – but what is ACROSS the road? A great view indeed! A boat yard specializing in wooden boats!

We were right across from Koehler Kraft, which seems to be an established San Diego yard. There were a couple of interesting boats out for repair – this sloop was short a couple planks – and a number of others on the floats. Unfortunately I couldn’t get closer – this place was stacked. Now this is a view for us at Chine bLog!

Wooden boats at the docks

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Perry Degener


One of the dangers to the continuance of classic, vintage, and antique boats it the reality of the need to address the attendant “green issues.” The necessary use of solvents as part of the restoration process may preclude restoration? Any thoughts?

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