Stunning traditional boat images by San Francisco’s Lisa Kristine

I recently had to go to a conference in Sonoma, CA. It was a rough assignment, what with all that wine tasting, but I managed to pull through. Along the way I stumbled on the gallery of Lisa Kristine, a San Francisco-based photographer. Ms. Kristine specializes in images of indigenous peoples and the nice thing about this subject is that one tends to capture great boats in the process of studying the people. And that Ms. Kristine has done. I offer some samples below, but go to her site to view them all (select the Water image) – you will not be disappointed (and may be moved to buy one – I am looking into it…).

First up, a nice sail in a lateen rigged boat off Zanzibar, Tanzania… get in before that weather comes, fellas!

Sailing off Zanzibar

Next, canoes on the Niger in Mali. These look gorgeous. And Mali, no less – lapping the edge of the Sahel and the Sahara beyond. Anyone not get why healthy rivers are critical?

Canoes on the Niger in Mali

Finally, to China, and the iconic bamboo rafts. I am really curious to try these. I generally assume people have developed the perfect boat for the environment, given available materials, but these boats have never jumped off a page at me as a sensible design. I am willing to bet they know things I don’t, but I am curious what that is.

Bamboo rafts in China

Location: Mopti, Mali

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

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