Simba – a fine-looking Italian boatbuilding and restoration services

Simba-built power cruiserIt’s always nice to find a new blog in our little space on the old web. Welcome, then, to our new Italian friends at Sibma Navale Italiana, a wooden boat building / boat restoration shop on, as best as I can tell, the Italian Riviera. Given that seems to be where TONS of key restoration projects are happening these days, it must be a nice place to be in the business. Keep up the good work and keep beautiful boats going strong!

Simba seems to specialize in building pretty power boats like that one above, and there is a series on the blog about the process. I confess my Italian is not far beyond that which has found its way into the American culinary lexicon, so I can’t provide much commentary (and, in case you were wondering, Google Language Tools does an outstandingly bad job at providing a useful translation of a boat building blog – Come si dice “cold molded?”). I do like the blog as a way to tell stories about projects that are too detailed for the shop’s main web site. It is nice to be able to get a peak inside a project in process.

Of course Simba found us here at Chine bLog, so they are also CLEARLY an astute bunch, in general…

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