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Cool sailing canoe from Papua New Guinea

Sailing canoe from Papua New GuineaCool boats turn up in all kinds of places. This one turned up in a calendar I got from an ocean conservation project, Seas the Day, from The Ocean Project. We’ll ignore the pun, folks, because you found a great boat. This appears to be a double hull canoe of sorts, aka, a catamaran. That balanced lug sail is a bit of a surprise; I wouldn’t have expected it in this region, but maybe I just don’t know much. Nonetheless, it is nice looking in this case. Good find folks.

Location: Madang, Papua New Guinea

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  • Not sure how I missed this, but when I looked at the calendar this morning I see that the boat is actually an outrigger canoe, not a true double hull. It is pretty clear that the starboard side is an ama, making this boat like other Melanesian ones I have seen, which is to say, still very cool, but more typical.

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