Many thanks to WoodenBoat for the recent plug

So I was merrily flipping through the latest issue of WoodenBoat recently when I turned the page and was greeted by an article entitled “Boat Blogs.” Great, I thought, glad to see they are covering this… but what are the chances… Well, lo and behold, they we are – Chine bLog making the pages of the granddaddy of our space. Needless to say, it was a thrill. I believe the person who really needs a thank you is author Eric Sorensen, author of From the Dock – The Official Blog of the S/V Mistral, an experiment in public seamanship — free rides! — and the coolest old sailboat in Seattle. Coming soon to an adrenal gland near you. Best wishes, Eric. Keep us queued up on your newsreader!

In case you are interested, Eric also found our friends at and Craft A Craft, among others. Dovetails looks like one to check out – the author has a friendship sloop, which makes him our instant friend.

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Ted Walsh


Thaks for the plug Tim, I had looked at your site when the WB piece came out but have not got around to putting a link to your site. I will though. Keep up the good work…


Hey, pretty slick… I don’t think I’ve ever been in a “mainstream magazine” before. He got my name wrong, but the website is right 🙂

Good article, and links to several sites I hadn’t run across.

Thanks for pointing it out, I hadn’t seen it yet.

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