Making sawdust again, part III – Of deck knees and a centerboard

Geez – it has been too long. Apologies to my loyal readers – yeah, you three – for keeping you hanging. Last weekend brought me back to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s for another installment of the Apprentice for a Day program. And a great day it was.

Bow of skiff
Skiff looking aft

The boat has come along a bit more since I was last back. Frames installed, a couple deck beams, centerboard trunk coming along, and preparation of deck knees. And deck knees were the task for the day.

It was an interesting process for a fairly unsexy piece. We had to build in a constant deck crown, which started with reshaping the sheer plank in the area of each frame. We then had to cut the bevel between the frame and the plank, cut the deck crown into it, and shape the rest of the piece.

Skiff deck knee

Here’s some of my handiwork. I look forward to seeing the deck in place when I next go back. Our crew banged out all of the knees in good time, and that allowed time to turn to the centerboard. I had worked on preparing the centerboard trunk lumber, so it was cool to see it coming together.

Centerboard pattern being fit

The day ended with us trying to figure out the proper pivot point for the centerboard. Steve, one of our boatwright leaders, is helping us through.

Centerboard pattern being fit

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