Vacuum-bagging webinar from Professional Boatbuilder

Interesting stuff from Professional BoatBuilder magazine: they have launched a series of monthly webinars (web-based seminars, for those not in the internet biz) on boat-building topics (they are calling the series “ProBoatEvents:Online”). Their first one was “The Basics of Vacuum-Bagging,” featuring Joe Parker of Gougeon Brothers. It seems these will be free, and this first one is available for 90 days. I haven’t seen it yet, as the servers are getting maintained tonight, so no idea if how good it is, but it is a pertinent topic, they have Gougeon, a main source on it, and it comes from a quality publication. Enter the replay # 1820174651 when the page pops up.

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I am currently playing this. It is very good – and very technical. This is definitely geared towards the experienced home builder or professional.

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