The Degenhardt Foundation trains young boatbuilders in Vietnam

It was nice to see my recent post on traditional boats from Vietnam caused a huge stir in the wooden boat world. No sooner did my post hit the ‘net than WoodenBoat had not one but TWO pieces on boat building there. I am DEAD sure there is a connection. Really.

Boat in progressI am a big fan of training young people to build boats; all the more so if doing so if doing so positively transforms their lives. I was, therefore, particularly interested to learn about the Degenhardt Foundation’s Cam Kim Boat Project. The program trains young people in traditional boat building techniques, thereby both preserving the Completed boatstechniques and providing opportunities for the students. I call that a win-win.

And the boats are quite nice little craft, aren’t they? Godspeed to this program.

Location: Vietnam

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