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In browsing my web stats tonight I discovered a new referrer that peaked my interest: “Hmm – what could that be?” I thought and promptly checked it out. And, lo, I came upon the mother of all wooden boat blogs I have had the pleasure to run across. If you like this blog, you go nuts for The author, Gavin Atkin, is a British journalist and boat enthusiast, and he clearly has way more time and depth of knowledge than I do – he’s put up 160 posts in the last four months! And it isn’t idle chatter, either – Atkin has a whole page of notable how-tos. Dude, I am formally impressed.

I have already grabbed the RSS feed, and I suggest you do too if you like messing about. This site looks like it will only become more of a gold mine.

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Well, it may be presumptuous, but I would like to toss in my hat to joining the “network”… I don’t have quite the “strictly traditional” bent you guys have, but both your blogs are great. I cover a bit more of the “up and coming” home builder, solar/electric, etc., but with a good smattering of the traditional. I feel that a lot of good boat design has “already happened” and we throw too much of it out in the tupperware boating world.



Thanks so much for your link to Gavin (pointed me to yet another site)… I’ve also linked to you:

I’ve been excited to find a couple of other “boat types” who use RSS… true “blogs” in the boating world seem much fewer and farther between than I would have expected. There have been quite a few cruise logs and build logs I’ve ran across, but few using any of the new blogging tools or supporting things like RSS.

Gavin and I already bounced a couple of mails back and forth, but I didn’t see a contact for you, so I’m assuming you’ll see this.

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