Paddling with legendary spirits – a nice story from put out a nice story the other day. The writer uses a canoe trip through Ontario’s Quetico Provincial Park to explore a fascinating, if luckless, man named John Tanner. Its worth a read.

…To me, visiting a place such as Tanner Rapids perfectly exemplifies a canoe trip in Quetico Park. It’s the rich history that first draws you there; to be in the very spot where something unique had once happened. But the real thing that indulges your sense is to be at a place that’s just as wild now then it was when John Tanner past (sic) through.

True, witnessing areas are rare in our day and age, but camping out beside Quetico’s Tanner Rapids brought me back to a time when wild areas were the norm, and to me that’s what a canoe trip is all about.

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