“LiLo” – A 35′ racer-cruiser

As I have mentioned in the past, I have been screwing around with boat design stuff for many years (with a big lull in there when I lost my way). My inaugural post on this blog talked about the class I took at the design class I took at the WoodenBoat School. There I designed “LiLo,” a 35′ LOA racer-cruiser in the Spirit of Tradition vein. Below you find some truly horrible digital renderings of my pencil sketches – really, the stations are parallel on paper! [please consider all copyrighted for now]

Overview profile

“LiLo” was not actually a design I had been sitting on for a while; she is more the happy product of my take on the optimal project for this class. At instructor Paul Gartside’s suggestion, I decided I should do a round-bilged, off-shore-capable sail boat. I also decided I wanted to play with typical requirements that a client might place on me. Thus I originally specified for myself 30′ LOA boat that would be a fast cruiser. Given speed and size requirements, as well as simplicity, I chose a Bermuda sloop rig. I also insisted, based on my own sensibilities, on classic lines, selecting a double-ender here to go slightly against the grain.

As the sketch came together, I realized I was taking the boat in a somewhat different direction. At Gartside’s urging, I dropped the displacement and created a much faster underbody. Given a desire for a long and low appearance, I added 5′ of LOA in order to make the cabin slightly less cramped. I was not terribly successful – kids get full head-room, but not most adults. Thus it is cruisable, but not truly ready for an extended journey.

Lines plan

“LiLo” is just shy of 31′ LWL and has a beam of 10′. She draws 5 1/2′ and displaces a bit over 11,000 lbs. I have her with 576 square feet of sail.

Sail plan

I envision her being built cold-molded, and began some construction drawings. At present I have no plans to take these drawings further, though I would like to at some point. I believe she could sleep five adults, if four were quite friendly with each other, but the big cockpit would make for a great day outing. Maybe someday I’ll build her as my business entertainment vessel… Of course, inquiries are welcome through this site.

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