Christmas tree day – time for the return of my favorite ornaments

Holiday time – its Christmas for us – means the annual pulling out of our set of Christmas tree ornaments, some of which go back many years. I never think about them during the year; it is always a surprise to open the boxes and find what is there. The other day this happened with my two all time favorites, pictured here.

One is a canoe – it looks like it would be a gorgeous canvas-over-cedar Maine guide canoe if it were scaled up. The other is a Grand Banks dory, complete with little painted oars. Finding these was a return of some old friends. Of course, for whatever reason, my kids have really taken to them and so they are spending as much time off the tree as on it. Today I found the dory filled with my daughters little figures at levels that would definitely cause grave dynamic stability issues. I fear their lives are in danger, but I think I am pretty happy that my kids have selected these two out of all the available options.

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