Two videos from WoodenBoat that are worth checking out.

WoodenBoat apparently stumbled across a reason to do a couple videos recently. Both are well done – short, well-edited, and highly relevant and interesting. The first features Doug Hylan of D. N. Hylan & Associates (also featured in my prior post on N. G. Herreshoff’s COQUINA) talking about
L. Francis Herreshoff’s QUIET TUNE. It nicely cuts back and forth between an obviously in-love Hylan and shots of the boat under sail and at anchor. Its a nice way to get to know a fine boat.

The second video is a nice brief instructional video titled
“Making A Wooden Cleat”. This is exactly the kind of thing the site should have more of. It is only too bad that the video doesn’t link to the article in question – that would make both pieces of content more valuable.

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