Postcard from Vietnam – literally – a panorama of traditional boats

My sister recently went to Vietnam and sent us this great postcard:

postcard from Vietnam showing harbor full of traditional boats

This is apparently a floating market, and, while no doubt somewhat touristy, this is still a country with emerging tourist infrastructure – its probably not too far off traditional maritime life. I like that there’s quite a diversity of boats, with small pole / oar powered “launches” and larger power boats, all of which appear to be wooden. Give me one of those little canoes like that one in dead center and let me poke around that anchorage – that would be cool. There are probably some interesting boatbuilding techniques and traditions there – use of bamboo, for instance. Always good to be reminded of the numerous maritime cultures out there in the world and how each has approached the water given its needs and available materials. Here’s hoping that these traditions don’t get squashed as this country develops.

Location: Can Tho, Vietnam

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