Nymph – new double paddle canoe from Guillemot

Years ago I came a across a boat in WoodenBoat that had me fixated for months. It was a little lapstrake double paddle canoe. Something about the boat was so exciting – it was small and nimble – perfect for poking into nooks of various estuaries. A real messing about kind of boat. I’ve had a soft spot for this type of boat ever since.

Double paddle canoe 'Nymph'

It’s not the same boat, but Nike Shade at Guillemot Kayaks seems to be offering a nice take on the double paddle canoe. This one is even more light and nimble than “mine,” but also seems like it would demand even more protected waters – there isn’t a lot there on this one! Still, for a peaceful solo meander on a quiet harbor, lake, or river, this would be a nice choice.

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