Pygmy Boats – great looking kayaks from a kit

So I was out for a walk by the river with my daughter a couple weekends back and came across a guy taking a beautiful multi-chine wooden kayak off his car. I complemented him and inquired about the boat and learned he built it from a kit sold by Pygmy Boats out of Washington State.

Pygmy Coho

I think this model, the Coho, was the one in question. I had heard of this shop but never seen one and I was quite impressed. For starters, this guy had done a great job building her – I wish I could name him here and give him credit. The multi-chine lines, however, added to the look. She was much sharper than the typical hard-chine kits you often see. If you are interested in going this route to build a kayak I would say you should definitely give these folks a look.

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I built one two years ago and have been delighted with it. At 44# all in, it’s great for tossing on the car and going for a quick evening paddle. I’ve also filled it with enough gear for a week solo in the wilderness – with room to spare. I absolutely love it. Thank you, Pygmy Boats!

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