More from Rare – traditional dugout canoes for Honduran ecotourism

My new client, Rare, who had a project I blogged about recently, has redone their web site and now includes, among many other nice features, some nice photos from its work supporting an ecotourism venture in Honduras. Such work is always exciting because it tends to be such a win-win-win-etc. proposition. One highlight of this story, in my mind, are pictures of tours in traditional dugout canoes they call pipantes. They are gorgeous boats – long and low and exquisitely carved. They seem tender as heck, but in the right hands… they clearly are not reserved for flat water. I love that this venture is incorporating traditional boats into its larger offering. Not only will this preserve the craft of building these boats boat it also introduces visitors to the great boating skills the people of the region must possess.

Check out La Ruta Moskitia for more info – this looks like another venture worth supporting.

Location: Cusuna, Honduras

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These dugout canoes (pipantes) look really great! We do have dugout canoes also her in Soomaa national park, Estonia, we call them haabjas. We do organize workshops on building these. Do you have similar workshops in Honduras?

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