The Lake Superior Project – two kayakers take on gitche gumee

The Lake Superior Project

From our friends at comes this interesting tidbit: under the auspices of Wilderness Classroom Organization (WCO), two kayakers, Dave Freeman and Amy Voytilla, are circumnavigating Lake Superior in order to draw attention to its myriad assets and challenges. will apparently be running stories from the trip; the first one, with an overview, came out in their recent newsletter.

As I have noted in the past, Lake Superior (“the big lake they call gitche gumee,” in Gordon Lightfoot’s immortal words) is stunning. Being the largest body of fresh water on the planet and being butted against many industrial areas makes for challenges, as its siblings to the South can no doubt attest. Good luck to Amy and Dave on this voyage, and may it inspire others to care so much for this great boating ground.

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