Mots Maya – Kayak-building and kayak-eco-tourism in the Yucatan

Oh my – sometimes you run across something astoundingly special. A new client of mine, Rare, has funded a venture on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula that provides kayak-based eco-tourism. The venture supports the local economy in a new way and provides new opportunities for local communities to have sustainable livelihoods. Even better, it appears that they are using self-made kayaks, creating the first kayak shop in the region:

This path took Jose Eduardo to Canada to learn the art of kayak making. He is now the only kayak maker in the Yucatán. With start up grants from Mexico’s National Institute of Indigenous People and Rare, Mots Maya is attracting visitors for tours ranging from birdwatching to kayaking expeditions.

This is totally cool. Anyone heading down that way should definitely look into supporting this venture.

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