Marzan Boats’ Island Racer OC1 – a lovely taste of Polynesia… in Pittsburgh?!

I always try to carefully flip through the classifieds at the end of WoodenBoat to see if there are any interesting new craft out there. There are a number of usual suspects, many of which are interesting but old news. So imagine my pleasure this month at running into a new face: the Island Racer OC1, a plywood outrigger canoe single sold as a kit by Marzan Boats.. Island Racer OC1 The outrigger canoe seems to be developing a nice little following (I count myself as interested, if not yet participating, in this mini-scene) and I was hoping we’d start to see a nice wooden counterpoint to the composite racing boats out there. Here it is – a beautiful offering that looks like it would be accessible to many builders. Great work, Marzan.

Having never heard of Marzan, I had to see where this shop was located. I assumed it would be Maui or Oahu or at least somewhere on the West Coast. Oh so wrong. The contact address is the sunny South Pacific Isle of Pittsburgh, PA. Go figure. I guess there is a Polynesian sensation in the Steel City who doesn’t dress in black and yellow and have “POLAMALU” on the back of his shirt. ;^)

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