Discovering Lake Champlain

View astern on Lake Champlain

As I mentioned, we recently returned from a nice, long vacation in New England. We had two ports of call, the area South of Burlington, Vermont and Midcoast Maine. [Big sigh] It was great. One of the highlights of the first segment, in Vermont, was discovering Lake Champlain. Oddly enough, I haven’t spent much time in Vermont, and had only seen the lake in Winter, mostly through a blizzard. What a revelation! It is gorgeous AND it appears, from what I saw, to have a highly favorable boating environment.

And pipe down, native Vermonters, with the “no s**t, you ignorant flatlander” comments! ;^) At least I am trying to right my wrong.

Our friends first took us to the small anchorage at Kingsland Bay State Park in Ferrisburgh, VT. It is a lovely, rocky cove with a historic home and grounds as the feature attraction. To my quite pleasant surprise, not only were virtually all the boats there sailing craft, but many had pleasing, classic lines. Forgive me – I think of lakes and expect power boats, ugly ones at that. This was looking different…

We rigged up our friends’ friends’ boat, a 20-something foot sloop, and headed out in a fresh breeze, emerging onto the main body of the lake with the Adirondacks spilling into the water not far away. As we tacked down the lake we continued to encounter mostly sailing craft. The water was good – you can get right up to the New York shore there and see the ancient ‘daks up close (the Vermont shore is more undulating, having some shallow bays).

We finally headed down to return to Kingsland, and passed two kayakers heading our along the headland that forms the mouth of the bay. They were right under 20-25′ cliffs or so and I was envious of their little voyage. It looked like a great place to paddle. But other events called and no

Sand Bar State Park, VT

Two days and a clearing cold-front later found us at Sand Bar State Park, North of Burlington off the road to the Champlain Islands. The lake was wider here and, while less dramatic, still beautiful in its own way. I have been enlightened – Lake Champlain is worth some significant additional exploration.

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