YNOT – a gorgeous powerboat


Yes, that’s right, that says “powerboat.” A reader recently remarked about my blog’s disdain for powerboats. Not so! Look, there is always a need to get from one place to another quickly across a body of water, and some activities, like fishing, basically require it (because we have basically left one school per species per ten-square-mile area – but I digress). I have no problem with that – it is excessive power and ugly power that offends me. See? I am just very picky about powerboats.

This one here, YNOT, is one that works for me. I took the picture from an Awlgrip Products newsletter, of all places. I guess the builders, the LaDonne Family of Pittsburgh, PA, used the stuff and are now poster-children for it. Hopefully the arrangement is kind to them, because the boat sure does the product proud.

The boat and builders were featured in Wooden Boat a bit ago, and the pictures there are worth a look. The detail is wonderful – the family really took the time to design and build an attractive interior. The hull is an even more interesting story. The family found a old hull in Maine (pictured in the newsletter linked above) and wanted to restore it. It turns out it made more sense to take the lines off it and start fresh. In doing so they used new technology as available, but retained the classic lines and flair. To me, this is a great model for modern wooden boat design and building: kepp the traditional design aspects where they are visible, but use modern ideas and technology behind the scenes – or below the waterline. They should all look so nice.

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