A second shout-out to Messing-About.com


Many thanks to my new friends at Messing-About.com, which I profiled a little while back. They immediately linked to my blog here upon request and sent a good number of visitors my way. Folks, I hope you enjoyed it and return again!

I do internet strategy stuff for a living and we often tell clients not to do open web forums because they are tough to make work well. Well, kudos to these folks for pulling it off. They have a few active forums with some interesting threads, e.g., this one on centerboard design. People are posting real design drawings here, so it seems a seriously useful resource with members who know of what they speak.

103 Sailing Rigs by Phil Bolger

While I am here, I noticed another thread asking about information on small boat rigs. I’ll pile on a recommendation a few others posted: 103 Sailing Rigs – “Straight Talk” by Phil Bolger. It is an extremely useful run-through of just about any rig you can imagine, as well as many you never could! It is Bolger, after all. Each profile is a page or two worth of the pluses and minuses of each, along with enough history to give you a sense of how it is used. I found it indispensable on my current design project for figuring out the optimal rig.

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