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So I really didn’t start this blog to do a lot of political ranting, but the fact is that there are threats on many fronts to the boating environment as we know it (to say nothing of the availability of quality boatbuilding lumber). There seems to have been a flood of news in the last few days:

Of all the factors that drive a major storm — such as humidity, wind shear or broad air circulation patterns — only the steady increase in sea surface temperatures over the last 35 years can account for the rising strength of tempests in six oceans around the world, including the North Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology reported…

Their research revealed that the increase in the most severe storms — category 4 and 5 hurricanes have doubled since 1990 — was directly linked to the rising temperatures of tropical oceans, which warmed globally by 1 degree Fahrenheit during the same period. Warm water vapor rising from the sea helps energize massive storms. [See the LA Times article]

“It’s a white desert out there,” Berkelmans told Reuters in early March after returning from a dive to survey bleaching — signs of a mass death of corals caused by a sudden rise in ocean temperatures — around the Keppel Islands…

Australia has just experienced its warmest year on record and abnormally high sea temperatures during summer have caused massive coral bleaching in the Keppels. Sea temperatures touched 29 degrees Celsius (84 Fahrenheit), the upper limit for coral. [See the Yahoo! News article]

These are a few of the issues – I could add overfishing, mercury pollution, mindless “taming” of rivers, and on. Sorry if it bothers folks to hear it, but we are just doing a lousy job of taking care of the resources that make for fulfilling boating experiences (in which I include related activities like diving, fishing, swimming, etc.). Please think about what you can do to help. If you feel so moved, I have added links to advocacy campaigns I think are worth supporting. Please consider learning more about these issues and joining these and other campaigns.

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