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Its lucky all of us small boat junkies don’t have to pay Mr. Grahame a royalty on references to his pithy line on boating. His estate would be rather flush. Here is, boatbuilding community site that is a fellow borrower of it. Not clear how active it is, but there does appear to be a useful collection of articles. One critique – its is a bit heavy-handed on the revenue model. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t begrudge anyone trying to make a buck off this, but it strikes me as being too intertwined with the core content.

In case you are curious – I was – someone else did get the dash-less “messing about” URL. Simply Messing About In Boats is a nautically themed online apparel shop. This seems to be the source of t-shirts with the original illustration and quote on them. Neither site is that of the magazine Messing About in Boats, which I had long assumed had gone the way of all things until some recent issues turned up at Alexandria Seaport Foundation. Turns out the thing is still around and going strong. But that deserves its own post…

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Yes, the messing about line is used a lot, but I particularly like the context of the quote … in Wind in the Willows, right after issuing that pronoucement, the boat crashes into the shore. Seems those that wax philosophical should also pay attention to the helm!

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