A quote to think about…

This from the great Dave Barry:

When you finally see what goes on under water, you realize that you have been missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent.

That comes from newsletter from The Ocean Conservancy… or maybe it was Oceana… I can’t remember which. They both do good stuff. {side rant} guys, you have the same mission! – MERGE for crying out loud and stop splitting resources!!{/side rant}

I think this line is important on a couple levels. One, as a diver, I know full well what he means. The first time I went down and came eye-to-eye with a Yellowtail Snapper it blew my mind. This is a world under threat, and the more of us understand that and care about it the better.

I also think about it in terms of boating. One of the joys, to me, of messing about in small boats is that you are close to the water. You can see beneath the surface and connect with that world so much more than you can in a larger boat. Last summer I spent nearly every day of my vacation out in my kayak, and nearly every day I managed to paddle into a school of feeding stripers (“striped bass,” properly, or “rockfish,” for those in the Chesapeake area who don’t know its real name). It was amazing watching these animals – not that I don’t find them tasty, but they are more impressive in the water, away from a plug. Being just above the surface I was able to just float over them and watch them – it was pretty special. I strongly recommend taking in both sides of the water’s surface on your own voyages.

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