Useful site devoted to native Canadian watercraft

I found this last night:’s section on watercraft built by Canada’s First Nations People. For a web-based resource, it appears to have a nice overview of some traditional boats. I find these dugouts in particular to be quite lovely.

Northern Pacific First Nations People canoe

It also covers kayaks, umiaks, birchbarks, and other flavors of dugout. Seems to have wider resources for those interested in broader First Nations cultural info.

[By the way, the Canadian term for indigenous North Americans, “First Nations People,” is just a heck of a lot better than our various forms. “Native Americans,” while proper, seems bland. I am really curious why – and I have never heard – why those who created The National Museum of the American Indian wanted “Indian” in there. Seems a bit ridiculous to keep using a term that derives from a European guy’s colossal navigational blunder. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for self-naming, but I think we could do better.]

Location: Port Clements, BC, Canada

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