Cuttyhunk Yacht Club

Cuttyhunk Yacht Club

Of course no discussion of Cuttyhunk would be complete without a shout-out to my beloved Cuttyhunk Yacht Club. Pipe down – it isn’t a yacht club like you think about – the main building is a garage with college-kid-Summer-dive appartment above it [having lived there for three Summers, I can tell you it is the best deal going – the view itself is worth a mint]. What it is is a quality sailing instruction program for ages 6 to 16 or so. We race other clubs around SE MA and do well, but have intraclub competitions that are low-key and good-natured. All in all, a great mix of seamanship and sportsmanship. It turns 50 this Summer – here’s to ya, CYC!

Our fleet of lasers – still going, even as the 420s have come to town… That is the main club doc in the background (not exactly Corninthian, eh?)

All CYC kids learn to sail, as I did, in Turnabouts. I can’t figure out who makes these now, if anyone – it used to be Parker River Marine in Newbury, MA. They are slow but stable and we do race them. It is, in fact, a real art. My father is the grand master and taught me to sit way forward, healing it slightly, to get the most speed.

Here is a member’s boat – among the most beautiful I know. I have sailed her several times and she sails well (though she doesn’t seem to want too much of a blow).

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