Cuttyhunk Island

I imagine everyone who loves boats and boating has a patch of water that eclipses all others. You love the views, you know the intricacies of the shore, you just “get” the rhythms of the winds and waves. For me, that spot is Cuttyhunk Island, MA.

SE Massachusetts, USA
Cuttyhunk Island

Cuttyhunk is not only where I learned to row and sail, but it is also a healthy eight miles away from the Massachusetts mainland and the civilization that implies. It has its own pace, and for me, it is gloriously dictated by the easy mornings, the steady sou’wester afternoons, and the cool, peaceful evenings. In other words: light sail or paddle, windsurf, and paddle or row, all in clear cool waters that are, to crib from Monsieur Cousteau, teeee-min-g wis liiife. If you like this blog and my take on boating, go and enjoy it – you’ll probably come to know and appreciate the place as I do. But please, treat it with respect.

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