My current boat – Necky Zoar Sport

Necky Zoar Sport

I know – its plastic. Mine is a lovely un-natural blue. It paddles very nicely, though – I am quite happy with it performance-wise. Does anyone know where I can get a “my other boat is a Herreshoff” bumper sticker?

The problem I have – and have had for my entire adult life – is that I have no space in which to build a boat, even a kit one like something from Chesapeake Light Craft. Thus the plastic. I think, though, that the boat looks reasonably nice. Here is where the “tradition-inspired” part of the subject matter of this site kicks in. While there are many plastic kayaks heading away from it, there are still a great many that manage to maintain a link to their Arctic ancestry. This is a nice feature of the kayak realm in general.

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