My first boat – a Gloucester Light Dory

I was 16 and she was a Gloucester Light Dory, which is just a gorgeous design. Gloucester Light Dory OSPREYThe lines are amazing and she was beautiful to row. I am particularly proud of the transom, which my dad helped me do with leftover mahogany and finish bright. Same with the breasthook.

Of course I was young and stupid and sold her a year later, something I regret greatly to this day. NEVER DO THIS! It kills me – especially knowing that the buyer left her to dry out and de-laminate (he even painted the brightwork!). Argh…

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[…] Wye’s contributions to this island would themselves be deserving of a post, but Wye’s passing is a far greater personal loss to me. Wye was an accomplished woodworker on many levels and he devoted some of this energy to boatbuilding. Sometime in the early 1980s, I don’t recall the year, he decided to build a pram for the Cuttyhunk Yacht Club sailing program. Being an educator, he decided to open his shop and the project to any who were interested. My parents and I joined in and thus I was exposed directly to boatbuilding. My dad would take the experience of working on this pram – ultimately painted green on the outside, pinkish with black “seeds” on the inside, and christened WATERMELON – and build his own pram, a boat that served my parents for many years. I took both these projects to heart and mind as well, and, in 1984, built my first boat, OSPREY. […]

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