Arey’s Pond Daysailer – close, but…

Another one out of WoodenBoat here… They recently did a piece on the Arey 18 Daysailer, a reasonably new design from Tony Dias. Its an interesting piece that devotes a just amount of time to detail the history of the Kingston lobsterboat, a class I had not knowingly encountered beforehand…

As part of this discussion, the article shows a traditional Kingston lobsterboat and the Arey 18 side by side. To me, there is no comparison. The modern version, for all its (I’m sure) performance virtues, just looks odd to me – there is too much sheer in the stern, I think. The traditional one flows more nicely, to my eye. I am reasonably sure you could get a more modern underbody on that nicer sheer and gain some advantages. I wondered why Mr. Dias had made this decision.

And then I discovered the reason. Dias takes his lines from Chapelle.
Howard Chapelle's Kingston Lobsterboat from American Small Small CraftChapelle! I had the audacity to criticize Chapelle, I thought! Well heck, Howard, I still don’t like the sheer. Give me the one in the WoodenBoat piece any day.

Thanks to the Arques School of Traditional Boatbuilding for the Chapelle lines. Based on a quick look, this is an organization folks in the Bay area should definitely check out.

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Tony Dias


check out these pictures of the actual boat and then tell me if the sheer is “excessive!”


First of all, Tony, I just noticed I had grossly misspelled your name and it had been sitting there for four years! Yikes. Our quality-control people here at Chine bLog have been sacked.

Second of all, thanks for stopping by. I looked at the pictures for a while and I confess that I still don’t love the boat. To be clear, it isn’t unattractive by any stretch – there is a great deal to like about the boat – but something about it doesn’t work quite right to my eye. In looking further, I can’t articulate it. Sorry.

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