“Wacky Boats?!” Come on, Sail Magazine!

Sail Magazine is fine publication, overall, though it’s focus is on modern boat forms and (mostly) materials. It isn’t on the Chine bLog reading list. We stumbled upon a nice Sail web page with a horrifying title, though, in researching a boat for our new Traditional Boats of the World project.

The page is dedicated to boats that would be unusual for those whose view of sailing does not extend past the standard marina fare in Newport or Annapolis. It includes such delightful craft as the modern Persian Gulf racing dhow, the Chesapeake log canoe, and the Bermuda fitted dinghy, to name some. We applaud the page and the introduction of these boats to a wider audience. BUT – the name of the page is “Wacky Boats.” Come on!

We can understand the term is meant to be tongue in cheek, but it also suggests these boats are whimsical or silly when, in fact, every boat on the list derives from decades, if not centuries, of proven use in working conditions. The text on the page mostly celebrates them, but the title pokes fun. These boats are to be celebrated, not played for laughs. You can do better, Sail.